Welcome to Substance Use SBIRTmentor!

With our user-friendly, engaging and online SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) training program, you will learn how to improve patient outcomes by identifying substance abuse - and patients at-risk for alcohol and drug use. You will also learn how to provide brief interventions about the health impact of substance use – and how to effectively refer a patient to treatment.

SBIRTmentor learners get to practice their SBIRT techniques using their own words – in real world situations. Rather than watching videos or classroom role-plays, learners practice each SBIRT technique – and get immediate, personalized feedback on the effectiveness of their communications.

SBRT Mentor

SBIRT Mentor Logoprovides:

  • Immersive, personalized and comprehensive learning experience
  • Three (3) nursing contact hours or continuing medical education credits
  • Online, convenient access: 24/7
  • Real-world situations and conversations
  • Evidence-based screening techniques
  • Consistent performance scores for each SBIRT skill